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I Am A Kamera, I Focus On Me
18 July
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Hey, friends only! Feel free to drop me a comment and add though if you so wish.

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Journal name inspired by Charlotte Hatherley (formerly of Ash). Yes, I can spell, but apparently Charlotte cannot, or rather she chose not to spell correctly for some unknown reason (:

I like listening to/playing music, drawing, writing and cheese.

anewsymphony: iamakamera is not like many other people you will meet. She's one of the most music-orientated people I know, and is also very talented at playing the guitar (I haven't actually heard her play the piano, but I'm sure she's good at that too XD). She can come out with the randomest things sometimes (I still don't understand the umbrella thing >_>), but can still have a serious conversation with you without being boring XD
Always there to talk to and to link you to random websites too XD

Regarding umbrellas: See the video for Blur's Parklife. Pure genius.

adnarima: Rajitha, aka iamakamera, is someone I should talk to a lot more. She lent me glue once, and I was happy. She's the Queen of LJ, in my opinion, and she actually has the most varied, interesting and wide music taste out of everyone I know. She, like me, got an MCR chocolate from Nadia, and I'm sure she treasured it greatly. She draws really cool pictures of artists, particularly Frank Iero, which make me spaz at her insanely good ability to pencil-shade. I twitch with jealousy. She wore a very interesting dress when she played Sheila Birling in our first oral coursework, and her hair is so niiiiice.

flamingbentley: iamakamera is more than just a camera. She's a guitar (comes with custom pick), a spare shoelace and a pencil sharpener at the same time! More useful than a Swiss Army Knife! Buy one today!
WARNING: Do not feed iamakamera after midnight. You have been warned.

toxic_oreo: iamakamera is the best person to argue...sorry, have a debate with in Art. Her constant outbursts of "WHAT?!" amuse me. And she lets me borrow her stuff if I whine enough. She is learned in the ways of bands and stuff. And is a music nerd, harhar. She also likes Digimon, which is instant win.

magicalxjourney: iamakamera is a friend of mine who is quite talented in the French, Maths and Music areas. She is into all sorts of music, and will recommend good music to you anyday. One thing I find rather strange is the fact that she likes doing Theory exercises. I guess, everyone is different in their own ways :)

Here is a chart of my weekly most played artists: